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Where are the Men?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Missionary David Hosaflook was a classmate of mine at school and is an occasional blogger. His most recent post asks a question - and proposes at least a partial answer - that is a question many of us have - Where are the Men?

While he rights this in respect to where are the men preparing for the mission field, the same question is asked by many Pastors today regarding men to take leadership roles in their churches and to provide a model for those that are growing up in the church.

If you have a few moments, stop by and read David's article here.

Just someone else's thoughts,



Dan Salter said...

My question would be "Where are the women?" Why are the Beth Moores and the Anne Lott Grahams such exceptions while most of the women of our churches unbiblically shroud themselves in the cultural curse of the male psyche? Thank the Lord for the few--the occasional Junia and Priscilla and Nympha.