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Free Download of Richard Baxter's The Reformed Pastor

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I have long wanted to do a book discussion here at A Thinking Man's Thoughts (similar to what Chris has done with the Ryle's Holiness - but actually completing the book :) ) and one of the two books that I have thought about starting with is Richard Baxter's classic book on ministry entitled The Reformed Pastor. I hope to start this discussion after I finish reading and reviewing the two books I am currently reviewing for SharperIron (This Little Church Stayed Home and Ryken's book on The Lord's Prayer).

A lot of you may already have the book and have already read it (I will admit that I have read a decent chunk of it, but not finished it). However, it is currently available for a free download from Here is the link - Free Download of Richard Baxter's The Reformed Pastor (Note, the list price is $22.98 and you need to enter this coupon code at check-out to receive the free download - May2007.) You do need to register for the site to qualify (e.g. give them your email address and other information), but this is a good deal for a good book.

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