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Free Puritan Books (for Kindle)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Some of you know that one of my favorite toys/tools of the last couple of years was the Kindle that my wife got me for Christmas a couple of years ago. In fact, in my seminar on reading that I did at last year's Annual Conference of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, I spent some time discussing the use of electronic readers and may have helped Amazon sell a couple of Kindles in the process.

Unfortunately, my Kindle died while we were down at BJU for Bible Conference in March (I tried to make it fit into an area it could not fit and broke the screen).

However, with the way Kindle has developed over the last couple of years, you can still access any of your previously purchased Kindle books through other Kindle applications, such as the Kindle for PC application that I use.

Now, a Kindle on your PC is not nearly as good as a Kindle in your hand, but ... it will do in a pinch - especially if you think you may eventually get a Kindle (or replace your broken Kindle).

One of the nice things about Kindles is that there is often a good amount of free content that is made available from time to time. Most older classics are already available free, but even newer books come up from time to time and some of the older religious books become available as someone takes the time to convert them into the Kindle format.

I noticed some recent free additions to the Kindle library that I thought I would pass on to those who still happen to read this on occasion.

Over at Bring the Books, the author has converted a number of Puritan (and other older works) into Kindle format - including The Sovereignty of God by A. W. Pink, The Complete Works of John Bunyan, Spurgeon's Commentary on Matthew and Sermons on Proverbs, Christian in Complete Armour (William Gurnall's three-volume work on Ephesians 6), William Wilberforce's Practical Christianity (which Jim Berg refers to at length in Essential Virtues), biographies of John G. Paton, George Mueller, and J. Hudson Taylor, and many more works by men like Richard Sibbes, John Owen, Thomas Manton, and more.

The link for the Free Kindle Books is here -

Even if you have some of these in dead tree editions, at least some of these may be useful in electronic format due to the ability to search through the electronic book in a much faster way.

Anyway, hope you find this useful.

Just my thoughts,