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A Bible Study Aid Online

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I recently ran across a nice Bible reference site online that I had not seen before. It has a number of things that are helpful. Some of them are part of other resources that I have highlighted in my Sansone Family Annotated Links, but there are a few things on here that I think are great to have quick access to (assuming you have high-speed internet).

In particular, I found it was great to be able to look through the 10 Volume TDNT (Kittel) on the computer and to be able to do some quick checking that would have taken me longer using my hardback version.

The Web-Site lists the following in its description of what is available on the site.

F C Keil & F Delitzsch - Commentary on the Old Testament (10 volumes)
Gerhard Kittel, Gerhard Friedrich - The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (10 volumes)
Colin Brown - New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology
Brown, Driver, & Briggs - Complete Hebrew-English Lexicon
J H Thayer - Greek-English Lexicon (unabridged)
Albert Barnes - Notes on the New Testament
R A Torrey - The Fundamentals (4 volumes)
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
Walter Elwell - Evangelical Commentary on the Bible
Walter Elwell - Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology
Walter Martin - Kingdom of the Cults
Josh Mcdowell - Answers to Tough Questions
Philip Schaff - History of the Christian Church (8 volumes)
Charles G Finney - Lectures on Theology
Jacob Arminus - Complete Works
John Calvin - The Institutes
Flavius Josephus - Complete Works
Andrew R Fausset - Bible Dictionary
Robert Dabney - Systematic Theology

and much more!

AS ALWAYS, A DISCLAIMER: The fact that the following sites are linked, does not indicate endorsement from Pastor Frank Sansone, the Sansone family, Messiah Baptist Fellowship, or anyone associated with this site. Sites are included here with the hope that you may find the information useful. We are not responsible for the positions, associations, or content of the sites that are listed. The sites are responsible for their own content.

Just my thoughts,



Andy Efting said...

Wow, Frank, that really is a nice resource website. There are lots of works on that site that I would not want to buy, but would occasionally like to reference given the chance.

Frank Sansone said...


You mean you don't plan on going out and buying TDNT? I hope that it is a help.

Someone else had linked to it, but I could not remember who it was to give them credit.


Andy Efting said...

I have hard copies of other things on that list, though. Although I prefer physical copies of commentaries to online versions, I think I would have been better served to use Barnes online rather than buying it like I did. It takes up too much shelf space for something that I don't refer to very often anymore.

On the positive side, though, yesterday I found an 1896 copy of Charles Hodge's commentary on Romans on sale for $1 at the Emory University library. They occasionally sell extra copies of books that they no longer need for great prices. I once got Pink's Gleanings in Exodus, Ironside on Acts, and a biography of John Huss all for $3!