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We Beat L.A., now let's beat L.A. again

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Phoenix Suns finished off the L.A. Lakers in a commanding fashion last night to end what should have been an "easy" first round series against a lesser foe. I was not able to actually watch the game, but I did get to "watch" some of the play-by-play thanks to's GameCast.

I don't generally use this space to talk sports much, but as a lifelong Suns fan, it was great to see them come out on top in this series.

To top it off, today, Nash officially wins his second M.V.P award in a row. Very cool.

Just my thoughts,



Andy Rupert said...

Sorry, Frank. I was rooting for LA ever since the Suns dropped Jimmy Jackson. I've been following him since his college days at Ohio State. Can we still be friends?

Don said...

Hey Frank,

Nash is a big deal in our city, although we usually don't follow basketball all that much (way too boring). Nash is from Victoria, BC.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Frank Sansone said...


We can still be friends. I liked Jackson as well. The Suns have had to get rid of a lot of players I liked over the years, but, in general, it seems that they have done well despite getting rid of players I liked.

I assume you are a Cavs fan. I am okay with that. Good luck with Detroit.

Rooting for L.A.? Now, that is the part that I am not sure I can handle. Rooting for the Lakers is like rooting for the Yankees or Cowboys - completely unacceptable :).

Frank Sansone said...


BC ought to be proud of their native son. Not only has he won the MVP award twice in a row, he has done it by playing the right way - focusing on making his team the best it could be.


Andy Rupert said...


I'm not a Cavs fan. I just follow certain players around the league. First it was (dare I say) Charles Barkley and more recently it's been Jimmy Jackson. But since he is now reaching the ripe old age of 36 this year (me, too), I think I'll either quit watching or might have to find someone else.


NBA basketball is usually boring. But most people would admit that some of the games between Phoenix and LA were incredible. Last second shots, overtime, etc.


Scott said...

And how about them Nuggets? :-D