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The Whereabouts of Pastor Jim Schettler

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

During the NBA Playoffs, I made a post entitled, "?Dave Doran to Replace Jim Schettler as the Pastor of the Campus Church?" The point of this post was to highlight what I thought was a humorous conversation going on at Chris Anderson's blog - My Two Cents. In that conversation, Chris (Pastor of Tri-County Baptist Church in the Cleveland area of Ohio and a fellow former team captain for the Minutemen Evangelistic Team) was bragging, er, being happy about the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers were putting up a good fight against the mighty Detroit Pistons. In the comments that followed, Dr. Doran (a Pistons fan) made a joke about submitting his resume to Dr. Horton at PCC to replace Pastor Schettler if Cleveland actually won the series. As the series wore on, Cleveland started to do even better and it looked like they may actually win the series and other comments that I thought were humorous were made on the thread, so I highlighted the thread.

Since then, it has been a very common thing for my sitemeter to register multiple hits to my page each day as a result of people finding my page while searching for information about Jim Schettler and Pensacola Christian College and the Campus Church. The last couple of days, this traffic has increased (I assume because of the fact that PCC has apparently named Lloyd Streeter and Neal Jackson as Pastor and Co-Pastor and people are now wondering again about Pastor Schettler.)

As a service to all of you who happen to find your way to my blog looking for information about Pastor Schettler and PCC/The Campus Church, etc., I have tracked down what I can find out.

Regarding Jim Schettler

My understanding is that Pastor Jim Schettler has accepted a call to become the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Santa Maria, California. I cannot find a church web-site, but I did call the church to confirm that he was coming to be the Pastor. The lady who answered the phone confirmed for me that the rumor I had heard was accurate. (By the way, I used to live "on the mesa" between Santa Maria and Arroyo Grande, California when I was in 10th grade and I am pretty sure that I had at least one camper from this church when I served as a counselor at Ironwood Christian Camp in Newberry Springs, California many years ago.)

UPDATE: The church now has a website: (HT: MGROOP and KellyC from the comments section of my blog.)

Regarding the Pensacola Christian College Campus Church

ShaperIron has posted a letter from PCC to the Alumni that explains that Lloyd Streeter and Neal Jackson will be the Pastor and Co-Pastor. Further details can be found by following this link.

(For the record, I am not commenting one way or the other on either the ministry of Pastor Schettler or of PCC in this post, I am simply trying to help all the people who are looking for this information who keep getting directed to my blog by the various search engines.)

Anyway, I hope this is helpful to those of you who have come here looking for this information.

Just my thoughts,



Anonymous said...

Thank you sir for that update about Pastor Schettler. I was wondering where he was. :)

Frank Sansone said...


You are welcome. I am glad to be able to help.

In Christ,

Pastor Frank Sansone

Todd LeFort said...

Thanks for your post. I also came across your blog when looking for the whereabouts of Pastor Schettler. For what it's worth, I did some additional digging and found the following web page where Jim Schettler is listed as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Santa Maria, CA along with their contact information. There is a website that is listed with the contact information. It is that of Valley Christian Academy, which is associated with the church. There is no additional information given about Pastor Schettler on this web site.

In Christ,

Todd LeFort (PCC grad - '94, '96)
Stafford, VA

Frank Sansone said...

Thank you Todd for the additional information.

Apparently a lot of people are looking for this information, because I still keep getting a lot of hits from people searching for information about Pastor Schettler.

In Christ,

Pastor Frank Sansone

Anonymous said...

I'm from Valley Christian--have your pastor Schettler here and was looking for some information on him. He came in rather suddenly, and a lot of us don't know what to think of him. He seems rather radical, and right away he's coming in and trying to change a grand number of things that have been 'tradition' at our school for many years. It worries us.

Our only website is, as of now (I believe a First Baptist site is in the making). And yes, the school is associated with First Baptist.

Emily said...

To the before anonymous question about Pastor Schettler.... I went to PCC and my husband and I have missed him very much. He is such a great leader and speaker and has touched my heart so many times I don't even know where to begin. I count it a privilege to have been able to have him as my pastor for that time. We have discussed (my husband and I) trying to find where he went to see if it was anywhere around us so that we might be able to have him as our pastor again. I didn't believe him to be radical in anyway when I was down there and I am not "radical" myself. I hope that you fare well with him. He has the most tender heart of any pastor I've ever known. Thank the Lord for Pastor Jim Schettler.
Thank you also for the information Pastor Frank Sansone!

Frank Sansone said...


I am glad you found the information helpful and I appreciate the comments from someone who knows Pastor Schettler.

I have only personally heard him preach a few times and give a couple of workshops, so having the perspective of someone who has sat under his ministry is helpful.

Thanks for stopping by.

In Christ,

Pastor Frank Sansone

MGROOP said...

Just FYI - the Church website is,

KellyC said...

The website for First Baptist Santa Maria ( now includes sermon audios by Pastor Schettler. My wife and I just recently joined First Baptist Church of Santa Maria and have been immensely blessed by the fellowship there and by Pastor Jim's faithful, expository, uncompromising, and heartfelt preaching of the Word of God.

Frank Sansone said...

mgroop and kellyc,

Thank you for your posts with the updated information concerning the new web-site for First Baptist Church of Santa Maria. I have updated this post to include that information.

BTW, KellyC, I used to near San Louis Obispo (in Los Osos) back in my high school days for awhile.

Thanks for the updated information.

In Christ,

Pastor Frank Sansone

Pam said...

I dont know Jim Schettler personally but I have three sons that has gone to PCC...which the youngest one is a jr there. They loved being there. I miss watching him on Rejoice Broadcast and I am glad he is pastoring another church...just wished he was closer to where our family lives on the east coast. Pray that God will bless him and his family.

Terri said...

Thank you for the update. I must say that I agree with Emily--my husband and I attended PCC and loved sitting under the preaching of Pastor Shettler. He is a reat preacher and a man of God--only wish the church he is now at was closer to us.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ken keckler said...

I wonder if Pastor Schettler knows how many people were looking for him, including myself. I miss his preaching, although I still watch Rejoice and the new Pastors. But Schettler kept my attention better than any preacher I have heard.

Ken Keckler
Tampa, Fl

Anonymous said...

I sat under the preaching of Dr. Jim Schettler from 1999-2003 while a student at PCC. Much of what I have become today, I owe to the faithful example and preaching of Pastor Schettler. I watched him day by day and sat through many of his seminars at school and saw how he faithfully stood by the Word of God. Thank you Pastor Schettler for your faithfulness and example. You were never an "untouchable" but always made us feel as though we could approach you. I pray the Lord will bless you in your ministry there in Santa Maria. The western US is so needy. Praise the Lord for bringing you out here. When I visit the LA area, I'll be sure to stop in at First Baptist of Santa Maria.

Ryan- Phoenix

Anonymous said...

I had Pastor Schettler as my pastor for 11 years. He was the best preacher I've known. I came from a church where the sermons were so boring. At PCC I actually loved going to church because of his messages. He married my husband and me, and we miss him very much, although we are growing to love our new pastor. I have seen some of the negative comments written, and it makes me feel sick. Please don't believe them. They are writtn by people full of bitterness, which is certainly not Pastor Schettler's fault. May God bless him in his new ministry!

Dr. Vrielink said...

Tomorrow will be my 14th year as a born-again Christian, thanks to Pastor Jim Shettler who gave me the big picture of Christ and salvation by grace alone. I had attended churches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and even in the US (Methodist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian) and NEVER had salvation by grace explained to me. I thank the Lord for Jim Shettler and how the Lord used him to reach me. I now serve the Lord as a Christian Psychiatrist at the second largest Psychiatric Hospital in the US. I pray the Lord would use me for His glory, and that I might bear much fruit for His Kingdom. I want to surprise Jim someday with what his faithful preaching accomplished by reaching my soul. Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

I went to PCC for four years during the time that Pastor Shettler taught at the Campus Church. I graduated in 2001 and still fondly remember his teaching. My husband and I still talk about one particular sermon entitled "He made the stars also." Even now, when I look at the heavens at night, I tell my little ones, "God made the stars also!" Such a simple verse, yet what a relevant truth to remember in today's postmodern culture. Our God is so great!
Although I had little personal contact with Pastor Shettler, I called him once to help me find a traveling homeless woman and her children (and cat!) a place to stay. He jumped in with his usual heartfelt enthusiasm and arranged for them to stay at the Campus House for visting parents. It gave the woman a chance to get on her feet. I believe that we were all blessed to be a part of God's working in her life. May God continue to bless Pastor Shettler's ministry wherever and to whomever he serves.

Anonymous said...

Well, now you can try to determine the whereabouts of Pastor neal Jackson as he is now gone as well. A lose of 3 pastors within three years!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pastor Jackson apparently preached
yesterday at Belmont Baptist in
Conyers. (His father's church where he served before PCC).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Pastor Jackson is now at Beulah Baptist in Bennett, NC

However I pose this question Why did PCC go through 3 pastors so fast? Is there a spiritual cancer that needs to be removed or just bad luck?

Anonymous said...

He is moving again, to West Coast Baptist College as a VP.

Anonymous said...

Jim Schettler is moving again. He will be a VP at West Coast Baptist College.