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What was preached on Sunday?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Over at My Two Cents, Chris Anderson used to ask folks about what they preached or heard preached on Sundays. Since he seems to have discontinued that practice, I guess I will start it up over here.

SOOOO, What did your Pastor preach about on Sunday? Post a topic, comment, or even outline below (for those who listen well to a Pastor who outlines well). If you are a Pastor or Preacher, what did you preach this past weekend?



Frank Sansone said...


So nobody paid attention on Sunday?

I preached on 2 Peter 3 and the Last Days. I do not normally do a whole chapter because you can not cover it to the depths that I would like, but I did it this Sunday.

I dealt with the following:

I. The Reactions in the Last Days

A. Scoffing
B. Stupidity
C. Slacking

II. The Realities of the Last Days

A. The Timing is in God's Hands
B. The Delay is from God's Longsuffering
C. The Destruction is God's Terrible Judgement

III. The Responses of the Last Days (this was the focus)

A. Holy conversation and godliness
B. Looking for Christ
C. Diligent in our walk
D. On Guard against being led away with the error
E. Growing in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ

Don Johnson said...

Hi Frank

I have taken to posting my sermon summaries at my own site. You can find the latest ones here:

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3