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Charles Spurgeon on Evolution

Friday, August 24, 2007

It is a rare thing for me to link to SharperIron, since I generally assume that anyone who reads A Thinking Man's Thoughts probably already reads SharperIron.

Today's blog entitled, "Spurgeon on the Bible and Darwinism, Part 1" by Doug Kutilek is worth stopping over there for a read. (Doug does not yet have it posted on his own site, so I am linking to the version on SI.)

Charles Spurgeon ministered in a day when Darwinian Evolution was coming to its forefront. To see his comments in the midst of the expansion of evolution were interesting.

I thought this comment was particularly interesting coming from one without the benefit of resources such as the Institute for Creation Research or Answers in Genesis.

There are abundant evidences that one creature inclines towards another in certain respects, for all are bound together in a wondrous way which indicates that they are all the product of God’s creative will; but what the advocates of evolution appear to forget is, that there is nowhere to be discovered an actual chain of growth from one creature to another,—there are breaks here and there, and so many missing links that the chain cannot be made complete. There are, naturally enough, many resemblances between them, because they have all been wrought by the one great master-mind of God, yet each one has its own peculiarities.

I assume there is a "Part 2" coming up as well.

Just my thoughts,