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Internet Resources for Pastors

Friday, August 01, 2008

Many of you contributed ideas last year when I asked this question and I hope to hear some feedback this year, as well.

Earlier this week I was asked about updating the information I provided last year regarding internet resources and blogs for Pastors at the Annual Conference of the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches at Tri-State Bible Camp in Montague, New Jersey. As this week has been pretty busy with Vacation Bible School (and with trying to make a final decision regarding homeschooling this school year), I have not yet had much time to put a lot of thought into this.

So... I am asking for help.

My previous suggestions are found here:

Internet Resources for Pastors

Recommended Blogs for Pastors

I know that I missed some big ones in the area of Internet Resources, especially. (E.g. I failed to list

So, as I attempt to update these lists (before Monday at 11 a.m.), I would love to have some suggestions.

Thank you for your thoughts,



SamKnisely said...

oops, I left my comment on last year's post.

I am helped by many of the sites you recommend. The Bible Baptist Church of Wakarusa, IN, has a fairly extensive listing of resources.

Blessings on your effort.

David said...

I have found the Bible study notes of Dr Thomas Constable to be very helpful. He has extensive notes in pdf form for each book of the Bible. Google "constable notes" and you're there.