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Who Said This? Plus some

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

From time to time some blogs I visit include a little game of "Who Said This?" or "Name that Quote" or whatever you want to call it.

I came across a quote today that I thought was worthy of being used in such a situation, but with a twist.

First, the quote.

"Separation is not isolation, it is contact without contamination."

Second, the game.

Who said the above quote? (No goodsearching, googling, etc.)

Third, the "Plus some"

Do you agree with this quote? Why or why not?

Have some fun,



Jim Peet said...

I'm guessing R.T. Ketcham (GARBC founding leader)

I agree with it

Frank Sansone said...


Good guess, but not correct.


Jason said...

Stephen Jones?

I agree with it.

Andy Rupert said...

I'm not sure as to the author and not sure what the context is. If it is separation from the world, I would agree. Jesus prayed that God would keep us from the evil but not out of the world.

But if it's separation from a disobedient brother, it gets a bit more sticky — at least in my opinion. In some cases (such as the Corinthian man involved in gross immorality) it would have been unproductive to remain in contact with him. Separation in that case involved isolation (i.e. he was shunned) as well as protection from his contaminating influence.

Don Johnson said...

Bob Jones Jr

Agreement? It depends. I don't think that contact is necessary although I don't think all contact with erring brothers is necessarily contaminating.

For example, I am certain that there are many ways someone who has a personal relationship with, say, a Billy Graham, could maintain his personal relationship while at the same time refusing ecclesiastical cooperation. But for me... I don't know the guy, how could I have any contact? Yet I remain separated from his philosophy, ministry, and entanglements with his organization in any way.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Frank Sansone said...

Good guesses, but all seem to be on the opposite side of the "divide." This person has written a series of popular commentaries and this quote is found in one of those commentaries.

Frank Sansone said...

BTW, upon further review, he has used this same expression in commentaries on 1 Peter, Psalms, and in another book that is not a commentary.

Andy Efting said...

J. Vernon McGee

I don't agree with the definition because it doesn't explain why we separate.

Frank Sansone said...

Andy E,

Awesome guess. This person has A LOT of similarities to J. Vernon McGee - but he is a little more recent than McGee.

If no one guesses, I will post the answer tomorrow with some of my thoughts on whether I agree or disagree.


Jason said...


Frank Sansone said...

Thanks, guys. No one got it. Andy E. was probably the closest, though. The correct answer was Warren Wiersbee.