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Some Good Thoughts on Retirement

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Ohio Bible Fellowship is a strong group of churches in Ohio that take a strong position for Christ and Fundamentalism. They put out a nice little paper entitled the OBF Visitor and about a year ago or so, they began to publish an OBF Visitor Blog with featured articles from the newsletter. The site (and the paper) are definitely worth your time to read and check out.

Pastor Chris Anderson (an OBF Pastor and blogger over at My Two Cents) has written an excellent article entitled Rethinking Retirement that is now available over at the OBF Visitor Blog.

Below is an excerpt:

Whatever specific ministry (or ministries!) you pursue, resist the mindset that says the goal of life is to work now and play later—both for Christ’s sake and for your own. Many a retiree has stopped working only to fall into an emotional, spiritual, or physical funk. There’s a reason for that. God created us to be productive for His glory. The church needs the ministry of retirees, and retirees need to minister.

Retirees, use your newfound freedom to serve the Lord! Retire from your job, not from life or ministry. Workers, minister now and plan to minister with an even greater focus when the Lord allows you to stop working 40-plus hours a week for your employer. Finally, pastors, teach your flock that their greatest usefulness may actually lie ahead: help them plan for their futures with an open mind and an open Bible. Help them rethink retirement.

You can find the entire article at the OBF Blog - Rethinking Retirement.

Just Chris' thoughts,



oldbuck said...

Here's a little rhyme I wrote about this very topic. The retired will find great reward in being involved in some kind of ministry. oldbuck

A Pensive Posture

My Golden years have just begun.
I’d longed, for years of all out fun.
Had I ever guessed I’d last this long,
This would be a better song.

For I’d more carefully thought through,
These last few years I’d spend with you.
Doc’s always make me evaluate,
All I’ve done and what I’ve ate.

I’m in very good health for the stage I’m in.
I’m not a life smoker or drinker of gin.
I exercise more than I did for a while,
I can go up some stairs and still have a smile.

I have a small job that gives me some cash,
To grab a hot burger or throw a mild bash.
I use some for good but hold a small stash,
In case I go shopping for fashions with flash.

I’ve gone and bought a knotty pine box,
No storage pockets or security locks.
No need for either, I’m near out of cash
I’ll stiff the parlor that handles my ash.

I’ve picked my lot, its facing just right
The sun shines warm from morn till night.
Some say headed East is really best
But facing South is my place of rest.

I guess the end is not ours to say
But if we suffer, we should be able to pray.
That if Father knows best and there’s no gain,
Then going soon could ease the pain.

Maybe old Jim had it right when he said:
The end of old dogs, a dimes worth of lead.
Placed very quickly to the back of his head,
When he bows to lick up a slice of dry bread.

But I must admit, at times my own plight,
Of oft choosing wrong, instead of right.
Has brought me to a place of near dread,
For at age 67, I soon could be dead.

So many things I can’t seem to forget,
Fill my big head with constant regret.
If it weren’t for Jesus and his Saving work,
I can’t feel this life has had much real worth.

Well that’s enough gloom, there’s still time for that.
I’ve not come to the end with my hand on my hat.
I don’t stand at the place all men must once face,
When after our run, we’ve finished the race.

I’ve still life to live, and help to be,
Places to go and sights to see,
So I’ll put on game face, jump back in the race,
And I’ll do my best to keep up the pace.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Written Jan. 29, 2008 by oldbuck, after a time of singing old hymns
had put him in a rather pensive posture.