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And Now We Move on to the Elite Eight

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tonight completed the round of 16 of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney and The Thinking Man's Thoughts Tourney Time Challenge has become very close.

I am still in first place, but Ron Bean is only 2 points behind me and newcomer Jon Knisely has moved into third place, with Josiah falling into fourth place.

At this point in the tournament, all of the human players except for Josiah have picked at least five of the elite eight. Ron Bean has 6 of the 8 and Jon Knisely has an incredible 7 of the 8. Very nice, guys.

Here are the standings after the first three rounds.
Name Points Correct
1. Frank Sansone 236 42
2. Ron Bean 234 46
3. Jon Knisely 226 45
4. Josiah Sansone 220 35
5. Andy Rupert 193 41
Higher Seeds only 190 42
6. Sam Knisely 188 39
7. Andy Efting 168 36
8. Barack Obama 165 38


Sisterlisa said...

Bro. Sansone, I saw your comments on the Sharper Iron Forum and wanted to say thank you. Your view and thoughts on the family in a church are refreshing to me.

You said you had not seen a church that 'requires' the children to be in a different class and yet you graciously conceded that there could be some out there that do. I am in a church like that.

We have a teen daughter that has been facing some serious issues among the other girls and as her parents we felt it was best to take her out of the class and limit her involvement with the youth group in order to help her get through it.

Throughout this ordeal, as quietly and privately as we have tried to be, we are marked as being divisive. Our situation is one where there is nothing that anyone else can do about it, but us as her parents.

We tried to go to leadership but for whatever reason they have not responded to our need or even contacted us back after repeated messages seeking help. We are still faithful to church and our area of ministry and do not become busybodies trying to infiltrate the church with our situation.

We desire to keep it as private as possible. Our daughter is not involved in anything sinful, yet our decision to separate her for this time is largely due to the inappropriate behavior of the other girls that has not been addressed by leadership. In order for us to properly deal with our own daughter about it and avoid further complications in the group.

She is just 2 months shy of graduating at which time she won't be in that class anymore at all. Yet we are met with resistance over the decision we made as parents for our child. We do not understand this at all and aren't getting any answers.

I know of many different IFB churches and each pastor runs their church a bit differently yet stay within the bounds of doctrine. If our decision to direct our daughter as we see God leading us is considered a division then perhaps we need to seek another church? This is not a situation I can get non biased advice on from our own leadership. Most pastors will certainly seek to keep their members, yet we need to do what is best for our family. I sure would appreciate any advice you have to offer.

Also for us to seek another church we would have to move a great distance to where there is another one. This would include a different job for my husband as well. We feel so powerless over our situation.

Andy Efting said...

I just want to say, that even though I am in last place among the real participants, I'm the only one left who has a chance to correctly pick the overall winner. That should count for something!