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Friday, March 12, 2010

After about a year-long hiatus, I have decided to tentatively return to the blogosphere. I am not promising much, but the itch has been here to write, my 13-year old son has started a blog himself (and posted more times in the two weeks that he has had his blog than I think I have posted in the last year), and my wife keeps encouraging me to start writing again. (Who'd a thunk it? - just kidding, dear.)

While I don't generally do a lot of "What I am doing now" type of posts, I can imagine that the huge following that I have are probably wondering what has been going on (oh, wait, I don't have a following for my blog anymore, let alone a huge following).

Actually, as many of you know, last year I returned to the world of being a "bi-vocational pastor." In doing so, I began working two additional part-time jobs in addition to serving as Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church of Salisbury, Maryland.

One of those jobs involved serving as a driver for a company that transported patients to their physical therapy and doctor appointments. This was/is an interesting job with a chance to meet some folks and initially paid pretty well. Unfortunately, the opportunities between runs with this job have been so scarce that it became clear early on that this was not the solution to our need for a second job.

In March, through the wonderful tool of craigslist, I got an interview for and received a job working as an Independent Route Sales Representative for Peet's Coffee and Tea serving the majority of the Delmarva Penninsula - with stops in places such as Smyrna, Dover, and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and Ocean City, Salisbury, Chester and Chestertown, Maryland and points in between. Peet's is a good place to work and they make great coffee - and their famous 90-day freshness guarantee makes sure that when you buy a bag of Peet's Coffee, you are getting the best and freshest coffee available. My job includes making sure the coffee on the shelves in my area meets that exacting standard.

Things have also been pretty busy from a church and ministry stand-point. The Lord has seen fit recently to bless our church with a good influx of some solid families, of which we are glad It has been a blessing getting to know some of these folks over the last few months and I look forward to the opportunity of getting to know them better and being able to serve the Lord with them at Fellowship Baptist Church in the days ahead.

I was also privileged to preach three times for a Junior age (grades 4-8) Winter Weekend at Tri- State Bible Camp in Montague, New Jersey in January. I have had the privilege of preaching some teen weeks and teen weekends at Tri-State in the past and I count it a blessing to be a part of the ministry there at Tri-State. Director Chris Jenkins and his staff are doing a great job with this smaller camp and it is neat to see and hear what God is doing up there. I hope the Lord continues to give me opportunities to serve up there.

Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hi" and dip my toes back in the blogging waters.

Just my thoughts,



Don Johnson said...

Hey, Frank, good to see you!

According to Bloglines, there are 9 subscribers to your blog by that service, so you do have some followers. Unless, of course, you somehow subscribed yourself via Bloglines in 8 different ways. (I am one of the 9.)

I may be joining you in the ranks of bi-vocational soon. It isn't my first choice, but it may become necessary. But if so, the Lord knows what is best.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Frank Sansone said...



One thing that Jon Gleason (bi-voc missionary) mentioned to me when I started being bi-vocational this last time was that one of the keys for him is early preparation - do as much studying as possible early in the week so that you can be thinking about things as you go throughout the week.

When I have had the opportunity for that, it has helped. (Of course, the opportunity for early study does not always present itself.)

I also remember Dr. Doran mentioning something at a conference that I attended that I have been trying (not always successfully) to implement. He spoke of breaking up sermon preparation in smaller parts that can be done at different times and places. (It was in a question and answer session and I think the context included finding the time with traveling and other roles.)

Anyway, I am rambling - I guess that means I'm back :)