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Any Suggestions regarding Blog Readers

Monday, September 13, 2010

For the last couple of years I have been very happily using Bloglines to keep up with a number of RSS feeds from a number of my favorite blogs. It has been a great help to me, as I catch things sometimes through this that I would never see if I needed to check the blogs myself. (For instance, I got a free Kindle download tonight that I found out about via my blogline feed from Theosource).

I have always liked the simplicity of bloglines, but since they will no longer be an option as of October 1, I was wondering what other feed readers my readers (hopefully someone still reads this - I would not blame you if you don't - and I would guess if you do read it, you read it through a feed reader).

Anyway, I would love to hear your suggestions - and why.

Just looking for your thoughts,



Don Johnson said...

Hi Frank

Alas, me too. Loved Bloglines.

I am experimenting with FeedDemon. Some things I like, some I don't. But it isn't in the browser, it is a separate program. It has a free version supported by unobtrusive ads.

I am also trying Google Reader. Don't really like the interface. But I can synchronize FeedDemon between laptop and desktop via Google Reader.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Jason Harris said...

I use Google Reader. It's simple and integrated. I'm not familiar with too many other options, but I do like this one.

Frank Sansone said...

Thanks, guys.

Do you know if either one of these will allow me to import my subscriptions from Bloglines?

Jim Peet said...

I've always used Google Reader.

I don't want a reader that is a separate client on the desktop.

Don Johnson said...

Hi Frank

Bloglines itself published an item explaining how to export your bloglines links.

You look on your Feeds tab, scroll down past your feeds to the bottom of the pane, Click on Export subscriptions.

You then save the file anywhere on your harddrive.

Google Reader allows you to import this file and you are back in business. FeedDemon will import also, but it will keep your feeds synched between two computers by hooking in to Google Reader.

So far I am liking FeedDemon better than Google Reader, but your mileage may vary, as they say.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3