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Milltown Pride

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last night, Fellowship Baptist Church of Salisbury hosted the Regional Premiere of Milltown Pride, a new film from Unusual Films (a division of Bob Jones University).

It was good to see some folks out for the film and I pray the film was an encouragement to those who came out. For those who were unable to make it out, we are planning a second showing of the film on the evening of July 15.

Milltown Pride follows the path of Will Wright as he pursues his dream of playing baseball in the big leagues. Growing up in a wealthy family, Will leaves the wealth of his home and family in pursuit of his dream as he goes to play baseball for the local Newton Mill in the Mill League and signs up for a job at the mill in order to be able to play.

While the bigger setting is the baseball that caries the picture, the reality is that baseball is not the only struggle for young Will Wright - or even the most important struggle. Will struggles with alcohol and anger, but most importantly, Will struggles with pride - as he thinks he can do everything on his own, not realizing that it is in Christ that "we live and move and have our being." (Acts 17:28).

How often do we find ourselves choosing to go "our own way?" Whether the path is baseball, booze, or business - when we focus our choices on what we want instead of what God wants, we have made a foolish choice and placed ourselves on the throne of our lives instead of living with God on the throne of our lives.

Who is on the throne of your life? Whose direction and desires are you pursuing? When you make choices throughout the day, who are you choosing to please - God or self? When you make a choice today about your entertainment choices - will you choose to please God or yourself? When you make a choice this week about being in God's house for the services - will you choose to please God or yourself? When you make choices about how to spend your life - are you choosing to please God or to please yourself?

May God help us all to choose to please Him.

Just my thoughts,