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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Things on the blog have taken a back seat lately due to real world ministry. As I am sure my regular readers are aware, the church that I Pastor (Messiah Baptist Fellowship of Salisbury, MD) is undergoing a major transition as we are in the process of buying church property for the first time in the seven year history of the church and moving to that new location.

We are excited about the possibilities for ministry that this new building could provide, however, we understand that whether we actually get the building or not is in God's hands and we are trusting that He will make His will known as we continue to wait on His timing concerning this situation.


It was just over four months ago that I began this adventure in blogging. I have discovered some things about this process during the last four months.

1. (Notice that I did not use bullets - oops b*******) I have discovered many more people come to the blog than to a regular static web-site - at least if the relative popularity of A Thinking Man's Thoughts versus our church web-site ( is any indication.

2. I have discovered that people whom you have no idea who they are actually do read these things. I thought initially I would only have a few friends and acquaintenances drop by, but I have had people from South America, China, Taiwan, Africa, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East (among others) come by for a visit. I also have discovered (via seeing them show up on referrals and then checking them out) that I have been honored by receiving "Blogroll" status on some sights of people whom I have never met in person or online - including one in Canada that lists Billy Graham as one of his favorite sites (hmm, go figure). In addition to the Blogroll links, I have had articles linked to by other sites in Australia, Canada and (of course) the U.S.

3. I have discovered that I am probably not a "every day" type of poster. Having read some other individual blogs, however, I have found that this is not a unique phenomenon. The "group blogging" thing seems to have a lot of appeal, but, hey, I am a Fundamentalist after all! :)

4. I have discovered that I tend to be much better at "responding" than "initiating" when it comes to posting and discussions. Even some of my most read posts - the series on The Best and The Brightest (including The Best and the Brightest - Redux, The Best and the Brightest - Criteria for Evaluation, The Best and the Brightest - Handling Questions, and The Best and The Brightest - The Idea of Fundamentalism and the Movement of Fundamentalism ) - was actually a response, first to an attitude and comments that I had seen repeatedly and then a response to a question that came from the first response.

5. I have discovered that despite my temptation at times to do the Phil Johnson thing and shut 'er down, I kind of like it and it is one of the only things that I do on the computer that my wife actually likes instead of tolerates.

6. I am thinking about transferring this blog over to wordpress (, but I want to test it out for a little while before making the switch. I would love to hear comments from anyone who has made the switch from Blogger to Wordpress (or vice-versa) with your evaluations and suggestions. One question I have about the switch besides the overall functionality of the two services - does it kill all my Google juice?

Just my thoughts,


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Scott said...

Congrats on the four-month blogging mile-stone! Also, good to hear (read) about things moving along with the land/building purchase.

Re: I have come to enjoy WP (esp. after my previous blog servers flopped), though I didn't get there from Blogger. A down-side (at last report) is that was recently blocked to about 5,000 in a prominent Greenville, SC univeristy.

My guess would be that you loose some "Google juice" when you transition, but it looks like you've got your Blogger site pretty well imported to WP. As long as you have your WP site going for a while before finalizing (allowing the robots enough opportunity to crawl the site), you shouldn't loose too much (again, only a guess).

Andy Efting said...

Isn't Blogger also blocked at the same said institution?