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A sad day in the blogosphere

Sunday, February 19, 2006

By the looks of things over at Nos Sobrii (renamed Let's Be Serious) it appears that one of the most intelligent blogs in Christendom has gone the way of the original Pyromaniac. After all the heat with the way his words were purposely misrepresented by Every Tribe Entertainment to the New York Times (and FBI!), it was probably inevetible, but he will be missed.

While I may not agree with Dr. B on everything, it is usually to my detriment. Here's hoping that he finds a way to come back even better as Mr. Johnson did.

Especially disappointing, however, is that all of the old posts are gone. There was much that was there that was valuable that now seems to be gone forever. I wish that when these bloggers disappear they would keep the old blog up for awhile at least (although I can imagine there are reasons why Dr. B may not have wanted to). I would love to have read the last couple of weeks of Unknowing (I guess that's what I get for not being a frequent enough visitor to know that the unknowing was going). Especially for the bloggers with a free service (like Blogger), it would seem keeping up the old blog for awhile would be doable.

Just my thoughts,