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Happy Birthday Scott

Thursday, March 30, 2006

----- Updated 4-21-2006: If you do not know me or Scott Anoil (either personally or through the internet), please read my Word of Clarification regarding this post. Since I discovered that this post actually comes up fairly highly on a google search of our old church name, I wanted to urge you to check out our church web-site or a normal post on this blog and understand that this is a joke between friends before making any rash decisions about me or the church. ----

Today is an illustrious day in the blogosphere. Our good friend Scott Anoil turns 19 years old today!!! That's right - 19!

Scott is the host of the Kara Ministries Weblog and spends way too much time on the internet.

Here is another recent picture of little Scott. See if you can pick him out among the children.

Scott is also a talented writer who has written a very nice hymn that we often use at our church when we celebrate the Lord's Table, called, We Gather to Remember.

Well, because of his well-known love for all things modern in Christian music - and particularly because of his love for Majesty Hymns, I hereby bequeath to Scott Anoil a copy of Majesty Hymns - complete with his hymn (We Gather to Remember) proudly glued into the back cover. (And yes, I really do have this combination - in about 50 hymnals in our church - enjoy the thought on your birthday, Scott.) Since Scott also clearly appreciates and values being able to entertain others with his music, I also bequeath to him some longer hair and leather pants so that he may fit the part he desires.

Austin Matzko of Il Filosofo also has a BIRTHDAY GREETING FOR SCOTT that you should stop and read.

Just my thoughts,


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Scott Aniol said...

Man, now I'm getting two copies of MH for my birthday? Woo woo!

Frank Sansone said...


The great thing about the MH from me, however, is that it has been "improved" by the inclusion of your presence in the form of your hymn.

Does this associate you with them?


Ryan Martin said...

I love the pictures, Frank. Nice work.

Frank Sansone said...

The picture with the children's choir reminds me of an old Little House on the Prarie (okay, don't shoot me) episode where the boy (don't know his name) wants to seem big in order to impress some girl that he is writing. He has a picture taken with a children's football team so that he looks big in comparision and sends it to the girl so that she thinks he is this big guy, when he was really not so big.

It looks like Scott tried the same trick to look old in comparision to the children - but I'm not sure it worked. :)


Scott Aniol said...

Hey, leave my children's choir out of it!

Chris Anderson said...

Okay, I don't get it. Is that Scott on the far right of the front row??


Ben said...

No. Far left. Duh.