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March Madness!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Okay. I might get killed for this, but I HAVE TO do it.

I know I am behind on getting back to my reports from the National Leadership Conference at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Things have been kind of busy around here with the new building and all. We are trying to get everything together for our Building Dedication Sunday on April 9 (this is a change from the original March 26th date).

However, even with making that plea of being busy, there are some things that are just a tradition for me. And one of those traditions is having a little friendly competition regarding the NCAA Basketball Tournament - The Road to the Final Four.

When I was teaching and occassionally with youth group, I would have brackets available for the students in my class and have a little competition in the classes, posting the brackets that had been filled out and keeping track of who was doing the best, etc.

(As a Youth Pastor, for a couple of years we had a March Madness Basketball Tournament on Final Four Saturday - complete with trophies, food, fellowship, an evangelistic sermon and the Final Four games on in a room where those who were not watching the live games in the gym could watch the Final Four games.)

Anyway, I am going to start A Thinking Man's NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge and I hope some of you join me.

For those of you who are worried about me being a ringer, pleae be aware that I have watched no single NCAA Basketball game in its entirety this year and have only watched or listened to more than a few minutes of about 5 games (and I think that is a high estimate).

The bracket challenge is set up through I have used them in previous years and they never sent me a bunch of junk, so I would assume the same would be true this year, as well.

The group can be reached at
The password you need in order to join the group is "tourney".

If you have not registered with CBS Sportsline before, you will need to register in order to take part.

Just my thoughts,


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Greg Linscott said...

You FFBC guys are so carnal... :)

Andy Rupert said...

Yikes. I've already got five first round picks wrong.

Frank Sansone said...


To see the standings and everyone else's picks do the following:

1. Go to the link that is on this entry:

2. There should be a drop down menu with the names of the entries and selecting the name will let you see their entries (note: two are accidently blank).

3. Above the drop down menu there is a tab labeled "standings" that will put everyone in order.