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Happy Birthday to my Big Girl

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Today is the birthday of my oldest daughter, Christina Ruth Sansone. She turns seven today, but we already had her birthday party on Saturday.

Happy Birthday, Christina. I hope that you have had a good birthday today and that you enjoyed having a "school birthday" as well. It hardly seems possible that you are already seven years old. How big you have gotten to be!

I love you, big girl. I love your sensitive spirit. You have always been a quiet and sweet girl. Even when you were young, you managed to find ways to entertain yourself and have fun all on your own. I remember when you were young we could sit you on a blanket with a couple of toys and you would stay there and play with them - we could never get your brother to do that! (And you know we can't get Beka to do that!)

I remember when you came up with your own version of "lizards and sharks" - you were much more relational with them - they had to be friends and do things together, rather than attack each other. Your love for others and your desire to help them is an encouragement to me - how many other little girls do you know who are willing to clean up their brother's room without him even asking? I guarantee you, not many!

I know this last year or so of transition has not been easy for you. You miss your old friends a lot, not just the children, but the older ones like the teen girls who babysat you back in NJ. Hopefully we can visit some of them again soon.

You are growing up soo big. You do a really good job at helping out (when you want to) and you have a very nice singing voice that I love to hear when Mommy plays for you before church on Wednesday nights. I can't believe that you are growing up so fast. A big part of me wants to just stop things so that you and Josiah and Rebekah can always be my little children. Please keep your love for God primary and keep your love for your family and others strong.

I love you, big girl. I pray for you and I hope you have a good birthday.



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