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Science is going to save the world! - Ignorance is bliss

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Cliff J. from Chico, California recently demonstrated how ignorance can be bliss, even in the name of "science".

From the Chico Enterprise-Record's website (, we are given a beautiful little gem of wisdom under the title "The enlightened masses?"

Among the pieces of wisdom dispensed out from this short piece of writing are the following:

Science education is going to be what ultimately unifies the world, not Bush or Osama bin Laden and the powers from above that they both say are guiding them. But how to spread the truth? Maybe drop science books instead of bombs. How about missionary scientists, using the humanitarian pretense as a means to deliver their message?

I am all for science education and education in general. Of course, what I would encourage in the realm of science education would look a little different than our friend Cliff would envision. For one thing, I would be against the propoganda of evolution being taught as fact in a taxpayer funded educational institution, which i am guessing is exactly what Cliff thinks is so great about "science".

His next quote is also interesting:
Closed minds are everywhere. Here in America, we don't imprison scientists like the Catholic Church did with Galileo, but we still see the fundamentalists terrorizing their children into not listening to their public school science teacher by telling the kids that their teacher is an agent of the devil. Instead of burning the books, they burn the minds of their children, so they're afraid to read the book.

His vitriolic spirit is clearly demonstrated here, as well as his ignorance. First of all, many of the children of fundamentalists are already out of the public school system. Secondly, those children that are still in the government schools are not being terrorized into not listening - they are instead being made aware that just because the teacher says it, does not make it true. Thirdly, no one is accusing the teacher of being an agent of the devil.

Ironically, it is the side of Cliff that comes the closest to advocating burning books in this discussion. Both the Creation Science side and the ID side (I have issues with ID, but not for this post) are advocating providing more information and presenting additional viewpoints to this discussion. It is the "science establishment" in the government schools who are seeking to keep the ideas that are opposed to them oppressed.

When Cliff uses the example of Galileo, it provides a nice parallel, but the parallel works the opposite of his own intention.

In the discussion of the helio-centric universe, we had a powerful and established institution sure of their view and oppressing those who desired to question that view.

In the discussion of evolution and creation, we have a powerful and established institution sure of their view that is oppressing those who desire to question that view.

Cliff finishes off with this dandy,
Be thankful that the world's geologists didn't come from Bob Jones University, or Liberty University (Jerry Falwell's). If they did, your means of transportation would still be a donkey.

Folks, I could not make this up. Since when did the world geologists have anything significant to do with modes of transportation? Were those involved in the "horseless carriage" geologists? Were the Wright brothers geologists? Was Henry Ford a geologist? Please help me see the connection.

I guess as long as you believe that "science" will save the world, then such things as logic and reasoning are no longer necessary. Wow!

Just my thoughts,


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Anonymous said...

Hi frank, I like the look, and this particular post, being so creation minded. The geology point probably comes from the editor thinking about the Flinstone's Fred and Barney driving their car!
Regarding the site, as a newbe to this whole blogging world, I like the fact that I can see the words clearly. I have seen some blogs that due to the backgound they use you can barely make out the text. The layout looks a lot cleaner than before. By the way, Larry R's dad is a pro in the field of audio so you might ask for his number at BJU for help with your sound /recording issues. Skip

Frank Sansone said...


Thanks for stopping by. It is good to hear from you, old friend.

I am still trying to get the categories all completed, but I do have at least one more "creation" post - it was one of the first posts I ever wrote - What do they teach at the University of California?