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A Father's Day Poem

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tomorrow is Father's Day. I will probably write a little more about this later, but for now I just wanted to post a poem that I wrote last year and we put on some wooden bookmarks that we gave to our men last Father's Day.

I am not a poet or the son of a poet (although my mother is an artist), but I submit this for your reading and challenge. Feel free to use it if you so desire.

A Father's Day Poem

I must be careful
as I live as father,
Love my dear children,
not count them a bother.

Teach them truth
in the way that I live
Show them God's wisdom
in the teaching I give.

Walking in Christ
as I walk before them.
Pointing them always,
always toward Him.

And this is my prayer,
as I pray all my days,
That they live for Christ,
both now and always.

Just my thoughts,



RS said...

It may not be St. Bonaventure,
Nor Christopher Wren’s architecture.
Yet lest Father’s Day we lose or abjure,
Click on