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Fathers and Sons

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One of the great things that I picked up from my time at Hardingville Bible Church is the concept of a Father/Son Campout. Each year on the Friday before Father's Day, HBC holds a camp-out specifically for the fathers and sons in the church. It is a great time of informal fellowship and spending time with our sons. My son loved it (and won the fishing contest that was part of it on our last year at HBC.)

This last Friday night, we held our first-ever Father-Son Campout and I think it went well. Jimmy and Linda (who own a house on the Nancticoke River) opened up their yard for us to come and throw up some tents and have a great time as fathers and sons.

Dave Reese and my son, Josiah, managed to hook and haul in a huge "skape" or sting ray. It took about 30 minutes and a broken net to wear it down before they were able to bring it to the dock. Unfortunately, it was too heavy for the line of Josiah's pole, so it became an "escaped skape." We did get a picture of it up close and personal though.

Dave also managed to catch the smallest fish of the night and John & Shane stayed up late pulling in about a dozen fish for a fish-fry. Tyler & Alex also cought themselves some pretty nice fish as part of the night.

We also played a short fathers versus sons soccer game (sons won) and had a cookout for dinner and a campfire for s'mores. Jimmy also took us out on the river for a ride and it was a great time of fellowship as men and boys.

We concluded with a time around the Word as we considered some advice from David to his son Solomon as David was nearing his death.

In a day in which fathers are often absent or absent-minded, it was nice to have a time where fathers and sons could spend some time together for the night.

If you are a Pastor out there, may I recommend this activity to you for some consideration.

Just my thoughts,


P.S. Sorry Chris, maybe you can do a Father-Daughter thing instead!