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100th Post Milestone and Comments

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I recently passed a blogging milestone, and in the process made some adjustments to my blog.

I have now made over 100 posts on this blog. Some of which I pray have been helpful or encouraging or at least thought-provoking or interesting. I have been sporadic in my posting (sometimes worse than others), but I have generally posted at least something every week or so (except recently), often times posting multiple items in a week.

While I was on vacation, I thought about some things that I would like to do with my actual posting, but I wanted to take care of some other things first.

The first thing that I wanted to do was to fix the categories issue. I thought a few months ago that I had solved the problem of trying to get categories in Blogger. The problem, however, was that the solution I had followed did not pick up any of the older posts. I have looked for a way to work around this and have been disappointed in my options. I thought about going over to WordPress (in fact I have migrated my blog over there awhile ago, but I have not added anything to it because I can't figure out how to personalize the templates or do anything else of the kind). I finally developed a work around that I hope will work better than what I have been doing. My work around? I created an additional blog called, "Categories for A Thinking Man's Thoughts" (don't you like the clever title?) The purpose of this other blog is simply to point back to articles in particular categories on this blog. We'll see how it works.

The second thing that I wanted to do was to provide a way for other readers to be able to see the things that others were commenting upon. Andy Rupert over at Isle Kerguelen had this feature on his Blogger blog, and he kindly pointed me to how to take care of this problem as well. (It is still not exactly what I want, but it is at least a step in the right direction.)

Anyway, to those of you who have been along with me for many of the first 100 posts, thanks for reading.

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Andy Efting said...

100 posts? That's pretty good, Frank. I only have around 35.

Frank Sansone said...


It is hard to be consistent with posting and say something substantial. Thankfully, I have dispensed with the saying something substantial with about 1/2 the posts :).

I am considering a more regular pattern for blogging (e.g. certain features that would occur on a regular basis).