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It must be election season

Monday, August 21, 2006

"For the last three years we've been fighting a war over foreign oil."

Thus begins an advertisement that a senatorial candidate has been airing in this area for the last month or more. I am fairly new to this state and know next to nothing about local politics, but from that sentence alone I know enough to know that I will not be voting for this individual, if he manages to get past the primary.

This statement reveals to me one of two things about the person making this claim.

It reveals to me that he is either stupid or dishonest. If he really believes that the war in Iraq is over foreign oil, then he is too stupid to hold such a high office. If he actually understands that the war in Iraq is not over foreign oil, then he is too dishonest to hold such a high office.

Now, if this individual wanted to make some legitimate arguments about why he thinks the war in Iraq was a wrong decision or to argue about the execution of the war in Iraq, that would be an entirely different thing. I can respect someone who honestly and truthfully disagrees. I cannot respect someone who spews this type of rhetoric in order to gain political points.

Just my thoughts,