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Christianity Today is the answer to the "Who Said This" Question

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Recently, I ran a post in which I asked, who made the following statement regarding the situation regarding Episcopal priest Don Armstrong of Colorado Springs, Colorado who has been accused of misusing church funds.

No one is talking about the details of the allegation except to say that police have not been contacted. The Colorado Springs Gazette frames the story as similar to the resignations of New Life Church ministers Ted Haggard and Christopher Beard, but the connection is problematic. If the allegation against Armstrong had been about sexual immorality, the Episcopal diocese probably would not have put him on leave. More likely, they would have made him a bishop.

The answer to that question might surprise some - I know it surprised me when I read it.

The post actually comes from the blog of Christianity Today (also known by at least one blogger as Christianity Ashtray). It comes not from the comments section, but from the actual post itself - posted on 1/04/07.

Not to beat a Man-O-War (a dead horse), but this again points out something that I said in regards to Joel Tetreau's A-B-C posts at SharperIron. If this statement had been made by a conservative Fundamentalist (isn't it sad that we now have to add an additional descriptor to Fundamentalist?), it would have been blasted as being "harsh" (at least).

Now, I am not saying it would not be characteristic of a conservative Fundamentalist to make such a statement - I can hear myself of Don Johnson making that comment rather easily, but when even a publication as "wishy-washy" as CT makes such a statement, it is clear these things that Joel is using to describe the "Types" really are more dispositional issues rather than positional issues.

Anyway, no one guessed, so no one wins.

Just my thoughts,



Chris Anderson said...

Interesting, Frank. You & CT are in agreement? Wonders never cease. :-)

Frank Sansone said...

Thanks a lot, Chris, for bringing this part up. Maybe I should scrap the whole post :).

Of course, I should claify that I am only agreeing with the concept that the Episcopal Church has so far deserted the truth on sexual issues that what would be considered a "scandal" by Bible-believing churches is accepted as "commendable" and "encouraged" in the ECUSA.

I could also use the "even a stopped clock is right twice a day" defense in saying that CT actually got this part right.