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Who said this?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The following comment was made recently (within the last week) regarding Episcopal priest Don Armstrong of Colorado Springs, Colorado being accused of misusing church funds.

No one is talking about the details of the allegation except to say that police have not been contacted. The Colorado Springs Gazette frames the story as similar to the resignations of New Life Church ministers Ted Haggard and Christopher Beard, but the connection is problematic. If the allegation against Armstrong had been about sexual immorality, the Episcopal diocese probably would not have put him on leave. More likely, they would have made him a bishop.


Any guesses about where this comment came from?


Andy Rupert said...

Wow, what a statement! I wonder if the leadership of the Episcopal Church realizes how much they let go when they made allowance for homosexuality. With that door open, it would be difficult to say anything is sinful.