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Christmas Letters - Family and Church

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Judging by the number of times people have come to my site lately after searching for things pertaining to "Christmas Letters" in its various forms, I guess it must be getting to be that time of the year again. (I assume that the people who are being directed here are being sent here because of my 2006 family Christmas letter , my 2006 Church Christmas letter, or even my 2005 Family Christmas Letter or my 2005 Church Christmas letter.

What are your views about Christmas letters?

Let me ask a few questions. If you are a regular reader or if you just stopped by
due to a search, I'd appreciate getting to know some people's views on this matter.

1. Do you write Christmas letters yourself?
A. If you do, do you send it in lieu of a Christmas card or with a Christmas card?
B. If you don't, do you think that they are a waste of time?

2. Do you receive many Christmas letters anymore? Is this a dying tradition?

3. Do you read the ones you get?

4. Do you enjoy hearing about what is going on in friends and relatives' lives even if the only time you hear from them is in the annual Christmas letter - or do you view it as an opportunity for people to brag about what is going on and wonder if they would still write if they had a really bad year?

What about those of you who are Pastors?

Do you send out an Christmas letter to your church family or church mailing list? Why or why not?

Would love to hear some thoughts from others on this.

Just me asking for your thoughts,



Deana said...

No I do not write Christmas letters and very rarely manage to get any cards sent. I do not think they are a waste of time. I receive some from relatives that live far away and I love reading them and getting caught up on what has happened to them in the year. I hope you will continue with yours. Love you. Your Sis, Deana

Frank Sansone said...


Great to hear from you. This is sooo cool. I think you are the first family member to ever comment on my blog. There ought to be a prize, but (as you know) I am too cheap.

I hope you found your visit interesting. Stay out of trouble.

Your bro,