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Media Bias?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

There is a lot of talk about media bias. Despite the works of insiders such as Bernard Goldberg's Bias, there are many who still claim there is no bias in the media. Talk about living with blinders! The reality is that all of us have bias. The problem is that the left-wing liberal media continues to report, discuss, and present themselves as though they are unbiased, when their bias shows up throughout their work.

Recently, the bias on the Today show has been almost comical. I don't watch a lot of the Today show, but I found it funny how they covered a couple of recent items.

1. The first example was during the Katie Curic interview with former FBI Director Louis Freeh about his new book in which he says some "not-so-nice" things regarding the Clinton Administration. The nature of her interview was to attack Freeh for writing the book. In one of her first questions she asked "Do you think your personal animus might be coloring your professional perspective so much that you can't be objective about what was really going on during the administration?" A question about his motivation for writing the book is entirely appropriate, but where is the consistency? I don't recall Katie or any of her cronies on the left asking that question of Richard Clarke, Joe Wilson, et al when they were on their media parades promoting their attack books against President Bush.

2. This morning they did a "puff piece" regarding Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald. Among the other items that were interesting is the way they praised him for his tenacity for the two years of working on this case. Seems like when Judge Ken Starr was involved in a similar role a few years ago, the common talking point was not his "tenacity" but that it was a "witch hunt."

Just my thoughts,