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Quote Challenge - Resolution on Alchohol

Sunday, October 30, 2005

A number of blogs that I have visited in the last few months have occassionally had some interesting little challenges. For instance, Andy Efting over at Unsearchable Riches had a neat little 12-ball challenge and Larry Rogier up at Stuff Out Loud had a good riddle that reminded me of the puzzle books that my mom used to send with me to school so that I had something to do after I was done with my classwork (so that I did not disturb my classmates by trying to talk to them). Over at Paleoevangelical, he has had a number of "Name that Quote" contests.

I found this recently and thought I would try one as well. Of course, I doubt anyone is actually reading this, so it will probably be quiet.

The challenge is:

Who made the following resolution. As per the rules that Ben uses over at Paleoevangelical, you may not enter the text into google (or other search engine)to find out the answer.

"Beverage Alcohol

WHEREAS, we recognize the use of beverage alcohol as a menace to the moral, social and economic life of the nation and assess it as one of the grave problems of our time,

BE IT RESOLVED that we urge our churches and member organizations to accelerate efforts to educate and inform their constituency on this issue. We believe that effective witness against the evils of the liquor industry can best be borne by a thoroughly informed and enlightened evangelical community.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT we encourage our people to aid all govern­mental efforts to discourage by law the sale and use of alcoholic beverages."

Sorry, no prizes yet, just the satisfaction on knowing you won.

Just for fun,



Andy Efting said...

I guess the NAE.

BTW, I found your blog through the "Interests" section of Blogger. You ought to include a link on your SI sig.

Frank Sansone said...

Wow! I did not think anyone even knew this was around yet. I have hesitated putting it in my sig at SI until I knew for sure how much I was actually going to post on it.

Oh, yes, by the way. You are correct, sir. Unfortunately, I have no cool prizes yet, either.

Andy Efting said...

No prizes! What kind of contest are your running around here? :)

BTW, if I get a congrats from Greg, then we will know that he really does read everything.

Frank Sansone said...

Maybe I should wait and see if Greg responds before I put the blog in my sig at SI. It will his ultimate test.