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Welcome to "A Thinking Man's Thoughts"

Friday, October 07, 2005

Recently, I discovered a frutstration with the type of blogs that I have set-up. I have a blog that is desinged for family information ( and a blog that is designed for thoughts that are related to my role as the Pastor of Messiah Baptist Fellowship in Salisbury, Maryland - called The Pastor's Pen" , but I did not have a place to make comments regarding other things of interest, such as the news of the day, politics, etc.

Thus, A Thinking Man's Thoughts was born. Lest you be alarmed by the title, please be aware that I am not trying to be arrogant in the title. I hope that you will indeed find these thoughts and comments to be made from one that is "A Thinking Man," but in reality I was trying to find something long enough that no one else had already taken it, since the first few that I tried had already been used by someone else.

Hopefully my next post will actually reflect some thoughts from a thinking man, rather than being merely a introduction.