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Vacation Bible School Comments

Friday, July 07, 2006

Each Sunday, the back page of our church bulletin includes some "Notes from the Pastor's Pen." This is copied from the Notes from Pastor's Pen that was on Sunday's Bulletin.

Wow! What a week!

This past week, we held our first-ever Vacation Bible School here at Fellowship Baptist Church and I believe that things went pretty well and that God blessed the VBS in a great way. How did God bless us? Let me count some of the ways.

1. God blessed us with a good turn-out.

Considering that this is the first time we have ever held VBS, I believe that having in the mid-20s every day was a good turn-out considering the size of our church and the number of children we start with as a church.

2. God blessed us with a good crew.
It was exciting for me, as Pastor, to see the dedication and talents that God has given to our small assembly. From teaching to snacks and everywhere in between, people were ready, willing, faithful, and available to help this week. I had originally thought we would need to bring on some "outside help" for the week, but God was already preparing people in our own church for the tasks at hand.

3. God blessed us with "smooth sailing"
While not everything went exactly as desired, as a general rule everything went pretty well. There we no major areas of disturbances or difficulties.

4. God blessed us with one profession of faith.
We know that Isaiah tells us that God's Word will not return void, so we know that whether there are visible or numerical results, God is accomplishing His will as His word goes out, but it was especially neat to see one young child make a profession of faith during the week.

There are many other areas of God's blessing that were obvious during the week that space will not permit me to discuss here. It is exciting to be able to see God work and it is exciting to be able to serve God. Praise God for a good Vacation Bible School!


Andy Rupert said...

That was good to read, brother. Vacation Bible School has been dear to my heart because of the way the Lord used it in my childhood and later how he allowed me to minister to children in various churches.

Twenty children is a good number nowadays. So many people are unsure of sending their children to an unknown church (even a well established one). Times are changing. But the Lord is gracious to continue to save souls anyway.

RC said...

glad to hear fo your successful week. way to be encouraging as well.

--RC of