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Charles Spurgeon on Music and Composition

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

In my study this afternoon, I came across this from Charles Spurgeon in his Treasury of David on Psalm 18. Considering the amount of discussion related to this around the Christian blogosphere, I thought I would add this to the discussion.

Being possessed of poetic genius, he served the Lord by composing this Psalm for the use of the Lord's house; and it is no mean work to conduct or to improve that delightful part of divine worship, the singing of the Lord's praises. Would that more musical and poetical ability were consecrated, and that our chief musicians were fit to be trusted with devout and spiritual psalmody. It should be observed that the words of this song were not composed with the view of gratifying the taste of men, but were spoken unto Jehovah. It were well if we had a more single eye to the honour of the Lord in our singing, and in all other hallowed exercises. That praise is little worth which is not directed solely and heartily to the Lord.

Just Spurgeon's thoughts,



Scott Ashby said...

This was a real encouragement. I read this not too long ago, but it was a good reminder of Who our praise is directed to. We, as music directors, frequently fall into the trap of allowing "the taste of men" to influence us far too much.

Thanks for posting this.
Scott Ashby