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A Poem from Carol Lewis

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Last week, as we prepared to leave for our Vacation to Williamsburg, my mother-in-law wrote a poem for us to leave for our guests while we were gone. (Pastor and Mrs. Terry Smith stayed in our house for the weekend as he came down to preach to the folks at Fellowship Baptist Church while we were away.)

If you have small children (in particular), perhaps you may appreciate this poem from my mother-in-law.

You might find some tiny handprints upon my window panes
and probably on the rug there are many sorts of stains.
There even just might be a toy not in the proper place.
Most of the time, I am afraid, that's usually the case

I really could spend all my time to make this house superb.
My garden could be beautiful and full of growing herbs.
I could work here in my house and capture every speck of dust
and if my children touch a thing, I could make an awful fuss

But I think that while I dust, and sweep, and keep ahead of dirt
the Lord would want me to remember, each tugging at my skirt
For He's the one who blessed me with each hungry little face
and I have my loving home because of His amazing grace

So if you find a sock inside of something other than a shoe
or if there is a jelly stain upon my carpet too
I probably was outside that day enjoying God's little gifts
six healthy pairs of hands and feet ..three faces I can kiss.

May I always make the time to show them all of God's great love,
to pray with them on bended knee, to Jesus up above
To lead them to a greater life that someday we will share
within a perfect heavenly home, beautiful and fair.

Sometimes the house takes second place, tis not always spic & span
but I pray that in our home is seen the working of God's hand.

*Written by Carol Lewis (Missy's Mom) - July 6, 2006