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Recommended Blogs for Pastors

Thursday, July 05, 2007

In a few weeks, the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches will be holding its Annual Conference at Tri-State Bible Camp and Conference Center in Montague, New Jersey.

As part of the packet of information that is being put together, I have been asked to contribute a list of recommended blogs for Pastors.

I have a number of ideas on my own, but one of the great things about the blogosphere is that it is easier to borrow brains from others.

I realize that a lot of you have probably given up on reading A Thinking Man's Thoughts since I have been so rare in my posting lately, but I am hoping that some of you are still around.

So, I am asking all of you who happen to still come by and read here at A Thinking Man's Thoughts if you would be willing to give me a list of recommended commentaries for pastors. If you want to give your comments on why a particular blog should be included, please feel free to do so.

Thank you for your help.

The blogs on the list do not necesessarily need to be from a Fundamental perspective, but we are looking for blogs that would be helpful for Pastors in particular.

Just my thoughts,



Greg Linscott said...


The new 9 Marks blog has thus far been profitable reading:

Don Johnson said...

Frank, let's toot Greg's horn also... I think Greg's Current Christian is a daily necessity also. Keep 'em coming, Greg.

You may think it odd, but I also subscribe to various Christianity Today feeds. They always have interesting links to religious news of all kinds. Their Weblog feature is very good. (Standard disclaimers apply.)

For the rest, most of the blogs I read are more for opinion than anything else. I like to see what others, especially fundies, are thinking. I subscribe to a number of blogs like this and especially interact with Paleo Ben and Chris Anderson. Bob Bixby also. I don't always agree (especially with Bob!!) but always find his posts thought provoking.

Hope that helps some.

Oh, I suppose I could put in a plug for Bloglines here. It is a handy blog reader, maybe there are better ones, but I like the way it works.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Frank Sansone said...

Thanks, guys.

Keep them coming.

Feel free to add more than one or two.


Andy Efting said...


Here are some ideas:

I don't know anything about the person who maintains this last site, but I have found his information on commentaries to be interesting and helpful.

Andy Efting said...

The last part of that last link should read as "commentaries/"

Or Parableman Commentaries Link

Jason Button said...

I've benefited from watching and reading Albert Mohler's Blog, Between Two Worlds by Justin Taylor, Church Matters (9Marks), and The Shepherd's Scrapbook by Tony Reinke. Hey, don't forget about SharperIron, especially for the book reviews :).

I subscribe to a bunch of others but these are the most fruitful.