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Sign the Declaration of Independence

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Today is the celebration of Independence Day here in the good old U.S.A.

I was hoping to write a profound article about Freedom and Liberty and Sacrifice, but who has time for that anymore (or is willing to make the sacrifice)?

I did, however, think that this was an interesting thing for the Fourth of July - over at the National Archives web-site you can add your own name as a signer of The Declaration of Independence. Your name will show up right next to John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee, John Witherspoon, John Adams and all of the rest.

You can even print out the newly created document that now includes your own name.

So, be the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence (if you are younger than Edward Rutledge's age of 26 at the time) or the first woman signer.

You can visit the site at:

If you manipulate the final product, you can add more than one signature - that way your whole family could sign it!

Just my thoughts,