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Some quick thoughts

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I know it has been awhile since I have written on here. I am hoping for some upcoming articles on the National Leadership Conference and some comments on the 9 Marks E-Journal regarding "What Can We Learn from Fundamentalists?" and the surrounding discussion (if I plan this right, everything useful will have already been said and I can just link to it:) ). In the meantime, I did want to make a few quick comments.

1. As many of you are aware (especially if you read this post), this week was supposed to be a week of Special Meetings at Fellowship Baptist Church of Salisbury with Evangelist Mark Kittrell. Unfortunately, Mr. Kittrell's mom has experienced some serious medical issues and the Kittrell's needed to go to Florida to see her. Please pray for her and for the family as the next couple of weeks could be a very difficult time.

2. Moments with the Book is sponsoring a "Million Tract March", with the goal of spreading One Million Gospel tracts during the month of March - especially in the week leading up to Easter/Resurrection Sunday. In order to help accommodate that goal, they are offering some free tracts to those who go to their website and sign-up for them. Check them out at the Million Tract March.

3. Take a minute to read this from Andrew Naselli - Childlike Faith About Heaven. The article discusses the reaction of the classmates of a 5-year old girl who was tragically killed.

Just some quick thoughts for now,



Jim Peet said...

Re: Childlike Faith About Heaven

Touching. Encouraging!

God bless,