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Sam Knisely leads after the first round of NCAA Tournament

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Thinking Man's Thoughts Tournament Bracket Challenge is off and running. Last year's winner, Sam Knisely from PA is again performing nicely and has taken a lead after the first round of games.

Sam Knisely - 140 points
Frank Sansone - 124 points
Andy Rupert - 121 points

Andy Efting is struggling a little this year and is bringing up the rear. Can't blame him too much. His big hit is the loss of Clemson, who he had making it to the Elite Eight (perhaps a little alma mater pride there?).

At a quick glance it looks like everyone still has their Final Four intact and most of us still have our Elite Eight in tact, so things could be tight as we get to the end.

BTW, I nailed the San Diego game - on both my hunch bracket and my "real" bracket. I was thinking that the San Diego coach's time with Gonzaga would be an asset in a first-round upset type of game. (The Zags were great as underdogs, they can't seem to do it as a higher seed.)

If anyone looks at the standings and wonders why I did not list "Pastor Frank" in our scoring on this sheet, that is because Pastor Frank is not a real player. For him, I entered the results from "What If Sports." What If Sports put all of the games into a computer simulator and simulated the tournament 1000 times. The results of those simulations (percentage-wise) is the picks that I made for Pastor Frank. BTW, Frank Cheek is simply picking the higher-seed of each game.

Well, gotta go get some real things done.

Just my thoughts,



Andy Efting said...

Not pride (at least not anymore). I would have said insider information. :) They took UNC to overtime and double overtime during the regular season and played well with them during the ACC championship game. They beat Duke and it seem like they were playing well, ready to make a nice run in the tournament. Oh well. If only Clemson were my only wrong pick!

Frank Sansone said...


I actually did the same thing. After the NC game in the tourney, I thought that they might be poised for a run (of course, the other part of me thought that perhaps their last loss to UNC could have taken the heart out of them). I went with the idea that they were going to make a little run. I did not have them going as far as you did, but I had them going to the Sweet Sixteen.