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Tourney Time - Round 2 Standings

Monday, March 24, 2008

As the NCAA Basketball Tournament has wound down to the Sweet Sixteen, the standings at A Thinking Man's Tourney have adjusted a little, but not much.

Andy Efting has dug himself out of the bottom of the pile and has forged ahead of Ron Bean by two points. This may be a battle between the two of them as we go further in the tournament.

On the other side of the spectrum, Mr. Sam Knisely has a pretty comfortable lead in the overall standings, with 181 points. I am in second place - all the way down at 163 points with my "gut" picks and 159 with my "mind" picks. Matt Jury is right behind me in third place with 158 points and Andy Rupert is in fifth with 151 points.

Don't have much time to comment, except to say that those who thought Eric Gordon was going to lead Indiana through a couple rounds of the tournament (like one of the ESPN analysts) should have taken time to look at some tape of the Illinois-Indiana game earlier this year. As some may recall, Gordon had originally indicated that he was going to play for Illinois and then was "persuaded" to play for Indiana instead. When he came to Champaign to play against Illinois, the crowd let him have it - and he stunk up the place. It was very clear that he was rattled most of the game - which was a sign to me that he would have some problems with the pressure of the tournament. (I know, it would have been more impressive if I had said this before they lost and then they had lost.)

Anyway, just my frivolous basketball thoughts.