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Building Blocks of the Christian Faith

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Over the years I have looked at a lot of materials that focus on the concepts of discipleship. From books and sermons about the general concept of discipleship and mentorship to books and sermons that try to give specific discipleship programs to actual discipleship books that are designed for either self-study or one-on-one discipleship.

In a study of those things, many cover some basic building blocks of the Christian faith. However, I wonder what you would include if you were writing such a book or if you were preaching on these building blocks. What things would you include?

Just asking,



Don Johnson said...

Hi Frank,

Number One: Daily Bible reading.
Number Two: Daily Bible reading.
Number Three...

Ok, I think that makes my first point. Daily Bible reading is a must. Find a way to get the disciple enthused about reading his Bible. This will take care of a lot of the growth issues by itself.

The next things that need to be encouraged are the other aspects of personal devotion (prayer, memorization, meditation on the Word) and practical Christian activity. Give them some kind of job in the ministry... helping in Sunday school, passing out tracts, doing physical labour around the church (men mostly), being involved with 'behind the scenes' work: cleaning the church, helping set up or organize for evangelistic meetings, ladies studies/meetings, etc.

The basics are the basics. One has to build up skills by doing the basics. Just like athletes, especially in baseball, but in all sports really. I am amazed watching young people practicing baseball (we have a playing field right out front of our church). They do the same drills over and over. You know why - so that it will be automatic come game time (hopefully!). It is the same for disciple making.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Jim Peet said...

Don's right about Bible reading!

My list would be:
* Regular Bible reading
* Accountability structure in a local church
* Faithfulness
* Time

Don Johnson said...

Hi Frank

long-time since you posted this (or anything!!) I hope you are well. I have been busy too, with one of our senior saints being promoted to heaven... funeral was today.

I was thinking some more about this. A number of years ago I took some of the Navigators training courses. (This is not an endorsement of the Navigators or everything they do!) Dawson Trotman came up with an illustration of the Obedient Christian in Action, an illustration that has been modified over the years.

Do a search for with these terms: navigators "the wheel illustration

(include the quote)

You will find a few articles about the illustration and the basic concepts behind it. See especially the one on the history of the illustration.

There are four spokes to this wheel, the Word and Prayer being the vertical spokes and Witnessing and Fellowship the horizontal spokes. This illustration is helpful in presenting visually a well-balanced Christian life.

It has been some time since I looked at it, but when I saw it again this evening, your post came to mind, so I thought I would pass it on to you.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Frank Sansone said...


Thanks for the input. I guess I need to wake this thing up soon. I have a number of articles that I have started to write, but have not posted.

Regarding the wheel, I agree that it is a pretty good illustration. I like some of the Navigators materials, although, like you, I do not endorse the Navigators.

I am thinking of doing a series on Building Blocks. I did one years ago for teen Sunday School. At the time, I went with an ABCs of Christian Growth, but I was trying to think through what to include if I do such a series again.

Thank you for your input on this.