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Scoring update - with a twist from Andy Efting

Sunday, April 06, 2008

After last night's games, only one person has a chance to have the ultimate champion - Andy Rupert chose Memphis as his eventual champion.

The current scoring is:

1. Sam Knisely (217)
2. Matt Jury (199)
3. Frank Sansone (191/190)
4. Andy Rupert (188)
5. Ron Bean (180)
Andy Efting is still only 1 point away from Mr. Bean.

Speaking of Andy Efting - he commented on the last post that we should skip the bonus points for the seeds and rounds and just go with the number of games correct.

That would, of course, be changing the rules when the games are almost over, but maybe we should do that next year.

If we went by correctly predicted games, the leader board would be as follows.

1t. Sam Knisely (43)
1t. Matt Jury (43)
3t. Andy Efting (39)
3t. Andy Rupert (39)
5t. Ron Bean (38)
5t. Frank Sansone (38)

Of course, the entry from What If Sports (which has Kansas beating Memphis in the Final) would still be in the lead with 47 correct and the entry that simply chose the higher seed for each game would be in second place with 45 correct.

Anyway, most of us are now toast anyway since the games Saturday went the exact opposite of the way many of us had picked them.

Just my thoughts,



Andy Rupert said...

North Carolina's performance was surprising, eh? We'll see how Memphis does. I really knew nothing about these teams when I made my chart. So, I'll be pleasantly surprised if Memphis pulls it off.

In any event, Ohio State is the reigning champion in the loser bracker. Hurrah!