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Final Standings before the Final Four

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Leading up to tonight's Final Four match-ups of all number 1 seeds, the scoring for A Thinking Man's Tourney has adjusted a little bit.

The current standings are:

1. Sam Knisely - 217 points
2. Matt Jury - 199 points
3. Frank Sansone - 191 points (my other entry has 190 points)
4. Andy Rupert - 182 points
5. Ron Bean - 174 points
Andy Efting is sittin at 173 points, one shy of making the top five.

Interestingly, nobody has had their Final Champion knocked out and at least three players correctly picked the entire Final Four - Sam, Matt, and Ron.

For the sake of comparison, if you had just simply picked the higher seed team for every game, you would be at 208 points with all four teams remaining.

For those who are wondering, the WhatIf Sports computer (I mentioned it on this post) is beating all of us - it has 225 points with Kansas beating Memphis in the Final on Monday.

Just my thoughts,



Andy Efting said...

I think we should score based on number correct. None of this weighting games based on seed value...