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2007 March Madness Update - Elite Eight

Saturday, March 24, 2007

We are quickly approaching the end of the 2007 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, and with that, the end of the 2007 edition of The Thinking Man's Tourney Time.

As we have reached the Elite Eight, the top five scoring for The Thinking Man's Tourney Time is as follows:

1. Frank Sansone - 205 (40 correct)
2. Ron Bean - 194 (42 correct)
3. Sam Knisely - 191 (42 correct)
4. Brian Morris - 184 (37 correct)
5. Andy Rupert - 177 (39 correct)

Both Ron and Sam correctly picked seven of the eight teams in the Elite Eight.

With USC's loss to UNC last night, I only have five of the Elite Eight remaining - and I am now missing two of my Final Four.

Some may wonder how I can be in the lead with the stats like I just mentioned. Well, I run the tournament :). Just kidding. Actually, I have picked the West bracket almost completely perfect (the only game I missed was a first-round mistake of picking Gonzaga over Indiana) and the scoring is such that you are awarded one point per round for getting a game correct, plus the seeding of the winning team. Thus, picking VCU over Duke (which I did) and Winthrop over Notre Dame (which I did) gives you 12 points in the first round for each of those games (1 for the round and 11 for the seeding). As the rounds increase the round points for each victory increases (so, a win by a team in the Final Four is worth 5 points plus the seeding). So, while I have a lead, I believe I can still be beaten, depending on which teams win. Both Ron and Sam have Florida winning it all, while I have UCLA, so we'll see how things develop.

Just my thoughts,



Chris Anderson said...

Nice, Frank.

I have 37 correct picks so far and only 4 of the Elite 8. That's the bad news. The good news is that all of my Final Four teams are still alive:

FL, UCLA, Gtown & OSU.

Now...home for the second half of OSU-Memphis. :)

Frank Sansone said...


Very impressive. You got all four of the Final Four picks correct! (I still have one more total picks correct, though :) ).


Chris Anderson said...

Well, you had a nice drive, Frank, but my putting is stellar. And you know what they say: "You drive for show..." :-)

Frank Sansone said...


By my count, I still have one more correct than you, so you may want to put off that putting for now :).

Now, if your mystical bracket :D gets more of these next three games correct than I do, then you may be on some bragging grounds - but Sam has you beat in number correct even if you nail the next three games and Ron has you at least tied (and Sam still has three of the four and Ron has two of the four like me).

Anyway, next year you will have to actually join in the bracket challenge so we can see how you actually match up when you have a real bracket :).

Btw, since these comments are your bracket of record, how do you have the Final Four breaking down?