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2007 NCAA Tournament Update - After Round 1

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rond one of the 2007 NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament is in the books. (Is it really not allowed to use the term "March Madness" anymore?")

It seemed to me that the first round went a little tamer than normal. Both of my favorite teams took a first-round dive - in games that they could have won. Illinois had the lead against Virginia Tech and then couldn't even move the ball the last few minutes of the game. Arizona seemed like they gave up a little too early against Purdue.

After one round of the 2007 Thinking Man's Tourney Time, the leader in the clubhouse (to mix sports) is . . . Frank Sansone (2) with a score of 125 points. Ron Bean (who was influential in a young Greg Linscott's life and currently serves at a church formerly pastored by my former pastor's father-in-law) is at 124 points - one point behind me, but having gotten two more games correct than I did.

Brother Bean, as well as Sam Knisely, both got every game right in the South bracket.

So far, the only ones that have lost any of their final four teams is Scott Bothwell (who needed a strong showing from Creighton and Arizona and did not get it) and my heart picks (I had indicated that you could do two sets - one from the head and one from the heart - and my heart picks had Arizona winning it all).

So, after one round the top five standings are:

Frank Sansone (head) 125 points
Ron Bean 124 points
Brian Morris 116 points
Frank Sansone (heart) 112 points
Andy Rupert 108 points

My prediction - Brother Bean wins it all.

Brian, you are doing a good job. Introduce yourself if you get a chance.

Just my thoughts,



TexSport Publications said...

Nice way to select your picks. Guesses can be just as good as those using computer analysis.

I am 23-9 after the first round. I just looked briefly at their records and who they had played, and made my picks.

So hang in there. It's for fun. It is not like we could support ourselves on the money we would make betting on own selections.

Please feel free to stop by my blogs and check out my picks. Leave a post on comment if you like.