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2007 NCAA Tournament March Madness Update

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Final Four is set. Ohio State versus Georgetown in one game, Florida versus UCLA in the other game.

These should be some good games. This has been a good tournament this year, although without as many of the big upsets that often make the first weekend more exciting.

Things at The Thinking Man's Tourney are heating up. With three games left to play, there are still three of us with a chance to win. At this point, it looks like the key game will be the UCLA versus Florida game. I have picked UCLA to win it all, while the next three players in our little bracket challenge have all selected Florida.

The top five leader board is as follows:

Frank Sansone - 216 points (42 correct)
Sam Knisely - 207 points (45 correct)
Ron Bean - 204 points (44 correct)
Brian Morris - 201 points (40 correct)
Andy Rupert - 187 points (41 correct)

If I am reading the CBS Sportsline information correctly, the top three still have a chance to win, but Brian and Andy have officially been eliminated from winning (Brian can achieve no more than 214 points, which falls below the 216 I already have.)

Sam has moved ahead of Ron in both wins and points after this last round. They both have Florida winning it all, so I don't think Ron can move back ahead.

Just my quick thoughts before taking the kids to school,



Andy Rupert said...

I've been robbed!

But all will be well if Ohio State wins the championship. Here's hoping.

Frank Sansone said...


Just to clarify, there are others behind you, this is a "leader board" that features the top five. For the fuller standings, you need to go to the tournament page.

But, alas, it will not help you much. Even if OSU wins out, I don't think you can even catch Brian, let alone catch me!


SamKnisely said...


If I understand (???) the scoring system, even one UCLA win assures you a win. One UCLA win would give you 223 pts and the most I could finish with would be 213 (My 207 + 6 if OSU wins).

I need two Florida wins (207+6+7) or a Florida-OSU final (207+6+6)to catch you.

Go Gators!


Frank Sansone said...


It looks like you understand it. The UCLA-Florida game is the key. If UCLA wins, there is no way that I can be caught. If UCLA loses, I need to root for Georgetown to defeat both OSU and Florida (because an OSU win coupled with your Florida win would give you enough points or two Florida wins would give you enough points).

So, goooo BRUINS!

And (just in case) gooo HOYAS!


Scott said...

Know what's really cool about having no Final Four teams in the bracket? The rest of the tourney is stress-free! :-D

Frank Sansone said...


Now THAT was funny.


P.S. I am getting ready to join you in one adventure. I will explain in my next post.