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Blog Searching?

Monday, March 12, 2007

One of the interesting things that I like to do in regards to blogging is to see how people find my site. In my case, most people either come here directly, through a service such as bloglines or through a google search for some word, person or expression that I have mentioned in a post. I also get some that come here from a link on someone else’s blog or a link from my signature or a post I have made on SI.

Tom Mount, Jr. of Mounty’s Corner used to do a thing in which he would monthly review and comment on search terms that led people to find his sight, although I have not seen him do a post on this for awhile now.

Sometimes the search terms that lead people to my site are kind of interesting. While I still get a significant number of hits from people who are looking for information regarding Pastor Jim Schettler and Pensecola Christian College (for those of you who stumble upon this post looking for that information - see this post regarding Dr. Schettler’s whereabouts). I imagine that these hits will slow down now that Pastor Schettler’s new church has its own web-site.

I did have some search engine hits recently that I thought were interesting lately (but this could just be me.)

Someone recently found my site by searching for "ugly Joel Tetreau". As far as I can find, I never called Joel ugly, but apparently someone has some different thoughts on the matter.

I also had someone looking for "actor Don Johnson now a Baptist pastor." I hope the person was able to find Baptist Pastor Don Johnson’s site over at, but I imagine they may have been disappointed if they were looking for him to be the same guy who starred in Miami Vice back in the 1980s.

Recently, someone found me looking for "Billy Graham’s view on The Lost Tomb of Jesus." I would guess that this is the first time someone considered me a spokesman for Billy Graham. I wonder if I get paid consulting fees?

What has been the strangest search that you have noticed make it to your blog?

Just my curious thoughts,



Andy Efting said...

Most people come to my blog from doing a Google search on "unsearchable riches." Imagine that.

I went and looked for some unusual ones and found one that might interest you:

"frank sansone" securities

Frank Sansone said...


You have discovered my secret side business :). Do you have any money you want me to invest?

I do get some visits from your blog - which reminds me I never did a blog roll after I changed my format last year.

Jason said...

"Anger" seems to be the keyword that gets people to our site. No idea why that's so popular...

Scott said...

I'm one of your bloglines people.

Probably the most interesting I got was "what normal people do in their spare time" Not sure if they were considering me to be normal, if they themselves were normal, or what, as they never commented.