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Great Meetings - Ending too soon!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

This last few days we have had the privilege of hosting special meetings at Fellowship Baptist Church with Evangelist J. Mark Kittrell. These meetings ended tonight with an excellent message on the wise and foolish virgins from Matthew 25.

As I mentioned the last time we had meetings with the Kittrells, one of the things that I appreciate about his preaching and his ministry is that he seems to approach things from a Pastoral focus and gives the Word of God the focus rather than stories to attract attention.

I do not mean that Mr. Kittrell never uses illustrations - he does. However, his illustrations tend to be more subdued than what is typically used by evangelists and he actually uses them as "illustrations" - to illuminate - rather than as the driving force behind a message.

One of the things that I had a special privilege of witnessing this week was his interaction with some of the folks from my church. Since the re-scheduling of the meetings meant that Tammisue and the boys could not be with him this week, I accompanied him to a couple of meals instead. It was very enjoyable to join him in the homes of some of our folks. We had great times of fellowship together, even though they were just meeting him for the first time. There was no pretense that Mark was supposed to be treated as royalty because he was THE EVANGELIST.

Having traveled with Mark and Tammisue for a summer, I had observed their transparency up close, but it was a refreshing reminder this week to observe his interactions with folks he barely knew.

I want to again recommend Evangelist Mark Kittrell to those of you Pastors who may read this. You will not be disappointed.

(BTW, Brother Mark also has a good understanding of local church ministry. Not only was he raised in a Pastor's home, he also planted a church in Hawaii before resuming full-time itinerant ministry.)

Just my thoughts,