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Prayer Request

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In much of Fundamentalism (including the church where I serve as Pastor), tonight - Wednesday night - is prayer meeting. I should have posted this earlier so that it could be included in prayer bulletins, since many of those have already been printed by now (depending on where you are located).

Pastor Mark Franklin, who is the Pastor of Hardingville Bible Church in Monroeville, New Jersey, is undergoing lung surgery tomorrow (Thursday, May 15) to remove a cancerous mass in his lung (among other things). Pastor Franklin is a friend and mentor of mine and a great asset to Christianity and Fundamentalism. I had the privilege of serving as his assistant for over five years and I learned much from him.

I would appreciate your prayers for Pastor Franklin and his family as he prepares for and undergoes this surgery tomorrow. (I am sure Pastor Franklin and his family would appreciate the prayers as well.)

Just my request,



Jim Peet said...

Praying right now. He is in surgery this morning.

God bless,


Frank Sansone said...

Thanks, Jim (and others who have prayed for Pastor Franklin).

Initial reports are that the surgery went well. Continue to pray for Pastor Franklin and his recovery from the lung surgery and the decisions that still need to be made regarding his tongue cancer and other areas.

In Christ,

Frank Sansone