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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I came across this poem somewhere and was bothered by its opening statement. See if you can tell what bothered me.

A little more kindness,
A little less creed,
A little more giving,
A little less greed,
A little more smile,
A little less frown,
A little less kicking,
A man when he's down,
A little more "we"
A little less "I",
A little more laugh,
A little less cry,
A little more flowers,
On the pathway of life,
And fewer on graves
At the end of the strife.

- Anonymous

Maybe I am reading this incorrectly, but why is it that this author (and many others) seem to think that kindness is in contrast to "creed"? A creed is simply a system of principles which are believed or professed. Since love and compassion are things that are professed and believed by Christians, it would seem that the encouragement would be more upon fulfilling that Christian creed rather than asking for less creed.

Just my thoughts,



Jim Peet said...

Funny thing is "a little less creed" is really more of a creed of not believing anything!

Nice new design of your blog, by the way.

Have a good Lord's Day.

Andy Rupert said...

"Doctrine — that's all you stinkin' fundamentalists ever talk about!"

I recently read a hymn story about The Church's One Foundation which told the story of a family divided by denominational differences. One relative after hearing the words of that hymn felt encouraged to set aside their differences because we're all one in Christ. The moral seemed to be that doctrine isn't as important as once thought.

Not good.

Peter B said...

It's interesting to think of that statement in light of Jesus' response to the Pharisees (ie, healing people and picking wheat on the Sabbath). I doubt the author had those events in mind, but assuming the "creed" in question is not biblically mandated, I would tend to agree with that statement.