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Some great advice for Pastors

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tim Challies (who is billed as "The world's most famous Christian blogger") has been "live-blogging" the Banner of Truth conference that is going on in Pennsylvania this week.

I appreciate a lot about the ministry of Banner of Truth, even though I am not a Reformed Baptist in the way that they would mean the term. I have appreciated a number of the commentaries that they have reprinted, the Puritan works they have brought back to life and some of the other materials that they publish and have visited their bookstore and warehouse in Carlisle, Pennsylvania a couple of times with Pastor Franklin and some folks from Hardingville Bible Church - and gotten some great "damaged" books as well.

Anyway, I said all of that to point you to an post by Tim Challies in which he discusses a presentation by Iain Murray entitled "Our Present Needs." Though the presentation is obviously directed at the men at the conference, I believe it is a worth-while read - especially for those in ministry.

Just my thoughts,


(I still plan on getting to the Minnick interview - this will count as a "make-up post" for one of the days I missed :) )